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Investing in the Staff Team

Our staff deliver exceptional support. The company aims to recruit with the right attitude and an enthusiasm for making a difference.

Substantial investment in training the staff team underpins the delivery of a high quality service. Emphasis is placed on staff supporting each individual to make choices and to live as independently as possible.

A big part of the staff’s role is to encourage and support people to take the necessary steps towards fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Delivering a Personalised Approach

Each individual that we support has their own personality, characteristics, aspirations and needs. To ensure that each individual gets the level and type of support they need, we place a strong focus on recruiting, training, retraining and developing an experienced and skilled staff team.

  • Investment in staff training – staff undertake a detailed induction programme when they first start and then undertake annual refresher training
  • Additional specialist training for staff is provided where an individual has particular needs that require specialist support
  • Core staff teams are chosen by individuals to provide the majority of the support they need. This promotes stable and consistent staff teams who particularly familiar with individuals needs and complexities
  • Individuals choose a key worker who is part of the core staff team
  • Staff receive regular supervision and annual appraisals of their performance
  • Good communication is promoted within the staff team in a variety of ways, including through monthly staff meetings regular opportunities to reflect on work practices and regular coordinator meetings
  • Continuous review of an individual’s support plans identifies the right staffing to meet changing needs
  • Promote a culture that actively encourages learning and development.