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We understand that the placement of any individual is a very important choice in their life, and those 
of their family and carers. We aim to make each stage of the placement process as smooth as possible 
and support the individual in their successful transition into their new home. 

1. Visit and Referral 

A planned visit can be pre-arranged 
Any referrals must be made by the individuals care manager or individuals in receipt of a personal budget. 
We work with several local Authorities so is experienced in out of the county referrals. 

2. Assessment  

A free in-depth assessment is undertaken to determine if the individual’s needs can be met. 
The assessment is carried out where the person is residing at the time 
Parents/carers and other relevant parties are included 
A placement is offered if we are con dent the individual can be supported and their needs can be met 

3. Placements 

The decision to agree a placement rests with the care manager and associated local Authority 
Once the local Authority approves funding the individual/parents/carers accept the placement offered 
We offer support throughout this process 

4. Transitions 

Detailed planning commences based on the assessment 
Key worker is identified 
If new procedures or service are necessary, training programs are developed for key workers and staff in the home 

5. On-going Support and Reviews 

Managers are responsible for the day to day communication 
Six week review held with all relevant parties to monitor progress and highlight any necessary changes 
Thereafter annual reviews or sooner if requested 

Identifying individual needs  

Have a strong emphasis on identifying the needs of an individual and creating well thought out plans that will deliver the right outcomes.This process starts at the time of an individual’s initial assessment, is on-going and is continually monitored and reviewed. 
The individual is always at the centre of the planning process. 

Care Support Plan 

Once the individual is happy with the service, a Care Plan is developed in partnership with them, their carer and the 
referring and purchasing bodies. 
The Care Support Plan clearly identifies es all of the individual’s needs, how these will be met and covers aspects such as health, independent living skills, personal safety, communication, equal opportunities and personal care. 

Daily Support Plan 

Daily Support Plans are developed from the Care Plan and form the basis for the achieving quality outcomes.These 
plans are produced for every need identifies ed within the individual’s care plan and provide staff with specific guidance on how to provide effective support. 

Working in a Person-Centred Way 

The Person Centred Support provided to each individual reflects their choices, dreams and aspirations. 
From the initial assessment, the individual is supported and encouraged to be part of the planning process and takes an active role in any decision’s to be made. Family, friends and professionals are also encouraged to be actively involved in the process of setting goals and reviewing progress. 
Care plan’s Daily Support Plans and Daily diaries are produced in easy read formats enabling the individual to take 
an active role in agreeing the components of these. Working in a person-centred way enables individuals to reflect on the support they receive, be involved in decisions about how support is provided and ultimately develop as individuals. 

Investing in the Stuff Team 

Our staff deliver exceptional support.The company aims to recruit with the right attitude and an enthusiasm for 
making a difference. 
Substantial investment in training the staff team underpins the delivery of a high quality service. Emphasis is placed on staff supporting each individual to make choices and to live as independently as possible. 
A big part of the staff’s role is to encourage and support people to take the necessary steps towards fulling their dreams and aspirations. 

Delivering a Personalised Approach 

Each individual that we support has their own personality, characteristics, aspirations and needs.To ensure that each individual gets the level and type of support they need, we place a strong focus on recruiting, training, retraining and developing an experienced and skilled staff team. 
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