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Placement Process

We understand that the placement of any individual is a very important choice in their life, and those of their family and carers. We aim to make each stage of the placement process as smooth as possible and support the individual in their successful transition into their new home.

  1   Visit and Referral
  • A planned visit can be pre-arranged
  • Any referrals must be made by the individuals care manager or individuals inreceipt of a personal budget.
  • We work with several local Authorities so is experienced in out of the country referrals.
  2   Assessments
  • A free in-depth assessment is undertaken to determine if the individual’s needs can be met.
  • The assessment is carried out where the person is residing at the time
  • Parents/carers and other relevant parties are included
  • A placement is offered if we are confident the individual can be supported and their needs can be met
  3   Placements
  • The decision to agree a placement rests with the care manager and associated local Authority
  • Once the local Authority approves funding the individual/parents/carers accept the placement offered
  • We offer support through this process
  4   Transitions
  •  Detailed planning commences based on the assessment
  •  Key worker is identified
  •  If new procedures or service are necessary,training programs are developed  for key workers  and staff in the home
  5   On-going Support and Reviews
  • Managers are responsible for the day to day communication
  • Six week review held with all relevant parties to monitor progress and highlightany necessary changes
  • Thereafter annual reviews or sooner if requested